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We take on all types of projects…

Programmers, analysts, architects, project managers, testers… The variety of profiles that make up our team allows us to intervene on all types of missions related to the development and maintenance of web applications. We can also put together a tailor-made team for your company or organisation and take charge of your IT project or service from A to Z. 

…for all types of companies and organisations

Our clients are companies, industries, institutions or organisations in the public or private sector.

Our consultants are experts

We recruit our consultants ourselves according to a very selective procedure. Before they start working with us, they are already experts in their field. Once at Nautilus, the salary package for our employees includes time and money for training every year. In other words, we provide our clients with valuable resources and invest in keeping them at the cutting edge.

We send you our best profile for your project

We know the IT sector and its businesses inside out. We help our clients to refine their needs if necessary, advise them on their project and then select our best consultant or put together the best team for their specific request.

We stay in touch

We are keen to maintain this privileged contact with our clients for as long as our expert or our team is at their service. Trust and listening are important to us; they enable us to identify and adapt quickly to changing requirements and needs during the course of the assignment. For this reason, we are always accessible and reachable, both for our clients and for our consultants, for any request or advice.

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