About us

Experts with diverse and complementary profiles

Nautilus brings together experts with various profiles representing all IT professions. Fuat, the company's founder, together with Hakim and Tom, organise, supervise and manage the team and its missions from our offices in Brussels. The three of them combined have more than 20 years of experience in large consulting companies and, in developing Nautilus since 2020, they wanted to offer a different approach to work in this sector.

A different approach to consultancy

At Nautilus, we pride ourselves on being different from traditional consultancy by offering quality, efficient and tailor-made work for each client. To achieve this, we have built a team that is human-sized, dynamic, local and totally independent of large groups. Our agility is based on our expertise and multidisciplinarity, but also on a positive and collaborative culture, in which skills are well organised and defined. Therefore, each of our consultants is a specialist in her or his field and recognised as such, and can quickly mobilise the knowledge of her or his colleagues if new needs arise during the course of the assignment.

A team also highly active in Brussels

Most IT consulting companies are based or have people based in Wallonia or Flanders. Even though we operate throughout Belgium, our Brussels identity is an additional advantage for our clients based in the capital. Our local consultants, who live in the city, can easily be mobilised for long-term, face-to-face assignments in all the companies, organisations and institutions located there.

The Nautilus spirit

The nautilus, the marine animal whose shell shape inspired the mathematical formula of the golden spiral, symbolises our corporate culture. It evokes the virtuous circle whereby the sum of positive attitudes can only generate even more positivity.